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25 Queen St
Worcester, MA 01610
: Phone: (508) 872-4853
: http://www.smoc.org/
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    2020-09-17 10:23:47
    They are nasty and I'm glad banned.im going to sue them. My lawyer is helping me. They locked me out In 10 below weather. People spitting up green flem. Workets sleeping with the men. One worker stole 140.000 from the people.they let other people verbally abuse you Then they ban you for sticking up for.yourself. indignant nasty place please move that nasty place away. Like Worcester airport.mYbe they will take a flight out of here and stop contaminating our City
    2020-03-17 12:14:47
    This is unlivable, should be closed.. no towels, jail blankets for men, woman walking in circles with dried shit on her hands, filthy clothes dirty hair and black make up around her eyes with a wet paper towel hanging from her mouth, the staff doesn't help at all, better off on the street, unless they better than staff, place, most disgusting thing I've ever seen
    2020-01-03 23:04:34
    I had the extreme misfortune of staying at SMOC's new "PIP" Shelter which is now called the Greater Worcester Community Center. Absolutely agree with the last statement. The most true and saddest fact is the way the employee's treat the homeless. Rude, curt and without the slightest bit of compassion. This is higher management that I speak of. The workers have been known to steal residents medication. The higher management tried a fast one on my daughter and I. Basically. they wanted us to sign a document that stated we would not come back while they were going to send us on a bus, in the middle of winter, at night that was dropping us miles from the shelter they tried to send us to that had no room.. Thankfully I caught on quickly enough and advised my daughter to not sign the paper. Abhorrable. Imagine sending us (being first time homeless) on a bus to walk miles in the dark winter, to a shelter with no beds? There is so much more that I could say. It's too traumatic to explain.
    2019-12-26 08:51:33
    This place is not where you want to be, its filthy and no one cares. The showers never get cleaned there is Black mold all over the showers. They don't have towels or Blankets! This is a wet shelter, which means the people come in drunk and all drugged up. There is at least one overdose every night. If you've never seen an addict overdose you don't want to! They are so young it's awful. I was there 5 months and I got no help finding a home ,none at all.Some people have been there 8 months or longer and still don't have housing. The staff members are a joke. They do nothing! When I was there an older woman waiting for a toilet couldn't wait and soiled herself and made a mess on floor when staff was called in they said, I'm not cleaning that! So we had to clean it if we wanted to use the bathroom! Also I ordered a free phone, but when it was delivered by ups , I was told it didnt come. Well it was delivered ,but staff kept it and say it never came! This place is beyond disgusting. They should have someplace for older people who Are Not on drugs! I would sleep in the street before I would go here.

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Greater Worcester Housing Connection Triage Center

Emergency shelter on Queen Street for both men and women. Homeless, substance abusers, transients.

Southern Middlesex Opportunity Center’s Greater Worcester Housing Connection  Shelter.

Occupancy 94 people. 58 emergency shelter beds.

Ask to see Intake Worker 9:00am to 3:00pm –

Do not go in evening.

Cannot guarantee shelter

**NOTE: People who are new to the shelter will be allowed in any time of day.  But regulars MUST be back by the 6pm curfew***

Do you have items to donate? Contact Queen Street Shelter Worcester - SMOC at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Queen Street Shelter Worcester - SMOC at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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