The Everlasting Arm Homeless Shelter - Corbin, KY

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431 Standard Ave
Corbin, KY 40701
: (606)528-3669
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    2019-12-19 00:56:12
    I have read some of the reviews and I was a client that reached supervisor of the homeless shelter and food pantry and clothing pantry and furniture pantry, not just for the 30 to 40 or more homeless people but anything they can do for the community and I mean I seen them even delivered food baskets to people that weren't staying at the shelter but they were still hungry and we helped them. Bro Rick, Bro D, and of course even you Bro Danny, These men I have personally experience them or overheard them on how they were going have to take money out of there own pockets to support
    2019-02-28 11:02:18
    I was a resident at this shelter several years ago. First hand witness of this corrupt leadership, most ungodly directors running the place, they would send residents to.Do fund drives at Wal-Mart in Corbin and London, plus car washes. Then at the end of events they would load all.the residents up take them back to the shelter and go.out to eat on the money from the fund drives, area churches would donate financially and bring food for the shelter, plus Wal-Mart would donate returns of items and such the directors and there families would be the only ones to through the items and get what they want and leave the rest for the homeless residents...this is not Christ like at all. They also like to kick people out of the shelter when you prove something is wrong or you know to much they put people out late at night with nothing knowing earlier in the day that is the ultimate plan. This organization has lost a lot of church support around the area due to this leadership's misappropriation, dysfunction, moral and ethical misconduct. I will say the vision for the homeless shelter was a blessing to.those that needed a place to seek refuge. The longer this place keeps its doors open under the current leadership the worse not better things will continue to unfold.
    2019-02-22 20:22:40
    This is one of the best places I have ever stayed. The minister's that run the shelter are awesome and really care about your spiritual being. They will stop what ever there doing and Pray for you. There are people that will leave a bad review because they are mad they got caught breaking the rules and was asked to leave. It's really hard to get kick out of the shelter because they really care and if you are asked to leave you must of done something really bad, I have seen it for my self. Love you Bro. RICK you really helped me through some hard times. GOD Bless you all!
    2019-01-14 18:23:28
    One of the worst women's shelters ever seen. Worst treat. Shelter threw out as many a female residents as possible. This is a non-women's shelter. Putting bug dirt on the floor and sweeping it around. A , 20 count cats in the winter along with a man in the shelter with his wife. Against Rules. Lack of explanation for cleaning instr the first few days, so and the fact I was accused of stealing my own medication under their protection was the reason they TOLD me to leave. AND, SURE ENOUGH I WAS SHORTED 3-4 days of my controlled medication. Wish the best for those who were put out in the 30 degree, snow and ice, with pneumonia. No ride, no one to call. I have cried enough for being an outstanding Christian in the same disoriented position The so-called Preachers with the additute are no example for the lost needing a warm place, a meal, and the spiritual uplefting, DO NOT GO TO EVERLASTING ARMS YOU WILL NEVER GET WHAT YOU NEED....... s it took. I was able

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Description: The Everlasting Arm Ministry is a non-profit Christian homeless shelter that also provides clothing for the needy and a food pantry for the community.

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