Emily's Place Transitional Housing For Women - Plano, TX

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P. O. Box 260671
Plano, TX 75026
: Phone: (972) 424-7775
: Fax: (972) 424-7779
: https://emilysplacetx.org/
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    2020-01-02 21:23:39
    This place is a joke. For any intelligent recent college grads who want to find a legitimate women’s shelter to intern or work for, please choose Hope’s Door. Being exposed to the beasts who serve as the administration at this facility was just like being abused all over again. I’m sure it makes them feel great to degrade their staff and then claim they’re in the business of empowering women. I saw the women who work for this joke of a facility and with the exception of one individual, they don’t belong in social work.
    2019-12-16 23:32:51
    This place is a joke. They have less than ten women staying here and they need two gigantic buildings. As residents we know that the administrative staff says horrible things about us, unless we are Erica. Wanda is allowed to be rude to the staff because of her race and age, but god forbid someone else act like Wanda. They would be thrown out. By the way, the whole house knows why Wanda is living with us and that is a clear violation of the law. The only way the residents would know is if someone from the administrative office told a night employee or other residents. After hearing about Wanda, I knew my s**t wasn’t safe with the case manager. I can’t even imagine how many privacy laws they have broken. Some resident claimed she left and her life lock was tampered with twice. Also, maybe you guys should stop throwing fancy parties for the donors and board of directors and ensure our gates work. You’d think that would be common sense. We are blessed to have the love and support from the donors and the women who go out of their way to care for us.
    2019-12-16 16:38:45
    Please do not seek refuge at this place. Very shady activities taking place and they hire and fire staff on a daily basis. Staff openly talks about residents to other staff members and the atmosphere is catty and rude, not supportive at all. The place only takes women who have children and not individuals who have been cautious about not having kids with their abusers. Still confused as to why you wouldn’t be allowed entry without children involved? Many people find this place to be sketchy.
    2019-09-05 03:51:35
    Good resources long term place and very clean place as well is the only good thing about this place and they help with daycare for your children they for it. Only bad thing is its not a very safe place in so many ways the staff is rude as hell they only there for a paycheck they always go back on what they say and lye to people they are abusive snakes and very unprofessional they call cps on moms for no reason and to be evil and spiteful. Now not trying to tell anyone not to go but just know if your abused, bullied, in shape way or form they hold it against you and very heartless. Its okay for staff to be rude to you but you can not be rude to staff they threatin to kick you out thats odd to me and they allow bullies to stay there. I witnessed a resident named wanda Mitchell making telling this young girl that stay to herself shes needs to take her wig off she looks like shes sucking a crack pipe and she told staff about it they didnt get rid of her. Thats a shit hole no one deserves that type of treatment or abuse from anyone that place needs to be restored. Needs more loving staff be more strict about bullying and harrassment someone needs to check into it its not that safe of a place.

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Description: Emily's Place is not a shelter, which typical allows women to stay for 30 - 90 days. Rather, it is a transformational housing ministry based on a 24 month stay commitment which promotes stability and wise choices.

The transformational program includes counseling, addictions recovery, vocational assistance, life skills development and spiritual nurturing--all within a structured environment of 24/7 live-in staff who are dedicated to offering the support and accountability needed to transition from a difficult past into a bright future.

For victims of domestic violence, Emily's Place is the BRIDGE from the shelter back into the community.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Emily's Place Transitional Housing For Women at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Emily's Place Transitional Housing For Women at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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