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House of Mercy
Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA 31901
Provider Phone Number: (706)322-6463

Description: Emergency Shelter for Men Women and Children.

During the first 5 days residents are not allowed to leave the campus ground. During the first 20 days residents are not allowed to work or look for work. After this 20 day period, residents can work as long as they are in before curfew.

Curfew for men is 10:00 pm; curfew for women is dusk. Couples must be able to show a marriage certificate for both people to stay. There is a chapel requirement.

Do you have items to donate? Contact House of Mercy at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

Shelter Information Last Update Date: 2014-05-02 11:16:59
Important: Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

Shelter Pictures: If you have pictures of the shelter, I will upload them on this page. Please email me with the name of your shelter and the pictures to: HomelessSupport@gmail.com

If you are looking to volunteer for the holidays, please contact House of Mercy at the phone number provided.