Comea House - Cheyenne, WY

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1504 Stinson
Cheyenne, WY 82001
: (307) 632-3174

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Description: homeless shelter. Provides evening meals. Check in at 5:30pm. Check out between 8 - 9am in the morning. Must be alcohol free to enter shelter.

Emergency Shelter Duration of Stay: 5 Days

COMEA offers up to 5 days in the emergency dorm and provides the basic services of a warm, clean bed, breakfast and an evening meal, a hot shower, toiletry needs (hygiene products, towels, and linens), and clothing. New residents will be expected to meet with a case manager during that time, who will help them find the resources in town that can also help them meet their needs. This case management session also helps new residents learn about the Journey Program and decide if they would like to be involved in the program to become self-sufficient.

Journey Programs
Duration of Stay:

Journey 1: 30 Days
Journey 2: 30 Days
Our Journey Program has gone through a few changes to become more successful at meeting the needs of our clients. At this point, Journey now has two groups that depend on the time a person has spent in the program. The Journey 1 program is available to anyone staying at the shelter who has shown a strong desire to escape homelessness. They are given a period of 30 days to find employment; their employment must have them working 32+ hours per week (16+ hours per week for those on disability benefits) for a legitimate employer (no under-the-table cash jobs). The program participants are also expected to commit 3 hours per week to volunteer work and one extra hour on self-improvement or community service. Residents can be in Journey 1 for up to 30 days. Journey 2 is for those who have found a job and are working towards becoming independent. The residents in Journey 2 are expected to work with their caseworkers on a long-term case plan, which includes establishing a savings account, paying off debts, developing good credit, and developing positive relationships with friend, family, & others in their community that can aid in their success. Residents can be in Journey 2 for up to 30 days. If residents in either Journey program fail to meet the program expectations, they will be asked to leave and cannot return for 30 days.

Pay To Stay Program
Duration of Stay: 120 Days

The P2S Program is designed to be the next step for those who complete the Journey Program by maintaining employment and meeting their goals established by their caseworkers. P2S residents pay $200 per month for a semi-private living cubicle; P2S Overflow residents will sleep in the regular emergency dorms for only $150 per month if there are no available P2S beds. Those in the overflow beds will be placed on a waiting list until a P2S bed is available. Residents may stay in the Pay-to-Stay Program for up to 120 days. During that time, they are expected to meet weekly with their case manager to further develop savings plans, maintain sobriety, receive mental health services, or any other services that would contribute to their goal of self-sufficiency. After completing their stay in this program, they should have the skills and plans necessary to maintain independent housing and employment without the continued services from the CCRC.

Transitional Housing Program
Duration of Stay: 24 Months

The Transitional Living Program serves those with circumstances that make independent living exceptionally difficult, including people struggling with mental/physical disabilities, substance abuse, those recently released from prison, and any others who struggle self-sufficiency. TLP Residents pay a percentage of their monthly income to rent a studio apartment. Similar to previous programs, these residents have a case manager who helps them work through their individual case plans to learn skills necessary for independent living and to develop a plan to keep them from returning to homelessness. Residents in this program may have rental periods ranging from 6 to 24 months.

Non Resident Services
We  provide regular meals for breakfast and dinner daily; the breakfast is available to residents, but dinner is open to anyone in the community. We provide limited gas vouchers for people passing through Cheyenne who and cannot afford gas to continue to their final destination. Additionally, while we refer to other agencies often, non-residents may receive limited resources from COMEA such as bus vouchers for people who are stranded or limited food boxes for non-residents who are struggling to pay for groceries.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Comea House at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Comea House at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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