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523 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37219
: Phone: 615-271-2600
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Purpose: The Foundry Shelter was created to be a restful, clean, learning, safe, transitional residential Christian environment for men who qualify for admission and willing to take the next steps in restoring their lives. The Foundry is a place where positive thinking and transitions can occur by men wanting to take responsibility for their lives by: Seeking God’s will Working to improve their living and spiritual condition Studying and seeking job(s) that will help men to become independent in order to live in their own home, and contribute to family, church and their community Learning to manage their time, spiritual gifts and money Working to improve their physical and mental condition This brochure provides the policies, rules of conduct and procedures to help accomplish a good, positive result. It is our prayer that your life will be improved and blessed for staying in The Foundry Shelter at McKendree United Methodist Church.

Location: Located inside of McKendree United Methodist Church 523 Church Street Nashville, TN 37219
Policies, Procedures and Qualifications for Admission: Only male applicants are accepted to live in the Foundry Shelter at this time.

A women’s temporary shelter is being planed to open in the future.
Applicant(s) must truthfully and completely fill out the intake admission form and submit this form to the Restoration Pointe Team in order to be considered by the team for residency. Any missing information will slow down the process or disqualify the applicant. The applicant must have and maintain a contact telephone number and an email address. The Restoration Pointe Team will respond to the applicant within 15 days after the application is submitted. The maximum number of residents will be eight. Men who have applied and who are on a waiting list will be considered first. Candidates for residence are required to take a drug test before being admitted in the Foundry Shelter with no exceptions.

The fee for this testing is $25 (twenty-five dollars) which the applicant is required to pay and is non-refundable.

Residents will also be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol while living in the Foundry Shelter. If the test results returns positive, the candidate or resident is required to enter a treatment center immediately. A second positive test will result in the resident removing and disqualifying themselves from the program. Candidates for residence are required to take a psychological / mental health assessment before being admitted in the Foundry Shelter. The assessment will help determine if a candidate is an ideal candidate for the program based on the set of requirements.

All residents are required to sign a lease agreement that will provide the detail terms of their residency. Residents will be asked to pay $150.00 per month maintenance fee effective May 1, 2019.

There is a $10 key deposit and a $50. A total of $210 is due with in the first 30 days of being accepted in the program. Payment is to be made to the secretary in the church office on the first day of the month and no later than the 5th of every month (with a five-day grace period, if needed).

After the grace period if the fees are not paid, residents will be charged $5 per day as a late fee for five days. If the fees are not paid after this time residents will be solicited about why the fees are not paid and what their plan is to catch up on these fees. Residents will also be informed that failure to correct this problem would lead to being dismissed from the Shelter. Any exceptions to this policy will be approved by the Restoration Pointe Team. Residents will be expected to attend Bible study on Wednesday nights or join a Life Group and worship services on Sunday morning (preferably at McKendree UMC).

Length of stay in the Foundry: 6-12 months maximum or less when one is able to move out unto his home or apartment. If residents are unable to move out of the Foundry after 6 months, they will be counseled, interviewed/evaluated on a monthly basis, to help the person to work toward moving out of the shelter. Residents who are not working will be expected to attend job career training classes: Goodwill, Tennessee Career Center, “Jobs for Life” classes, Project jConnect, “Work Life” classes or the equivalent to prepare for jobs. Residents will be required to perform jobs within the Church on a weekly basis. (See work assignment responsibilities.) Each resident must either have or be working on getting employment each day while at the shelter.

Mailbox: Residents are required to set up and have a P.O. box for their mail delivery. Residents must abide by the following Foundry Rules:

Volunteers Requests by Restoration Pointe's Foundry Temporary Shelter: Yes, + need mentors and coaches that will be assigned to each of the residents / require one hour per week contact over their stay in the program + volunteer professionals needed to facilitate work shops and training programs in the areas of: budgeting, personal financing, personal care / physical & mental, spiritual development, etc ...

Donation Requests by Restoration Pointe's Foundry Temporary Shelter: Monetary donations: + to help offset overhead expenses (utilities, etc ...) of shelter + to help with equipment repairs (appliances, washer / dryer) + to purchase new equipment / supplies(

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