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3210 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85017
: Phone: 1-602-257-8918
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    2020-09-23 16:02:18
    I went thru the program. I was living in Tx at the time. I met Pastor Russell Galloway in El Paso. He was starting a program there. The best decision I made accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. The lessons I learned have helped me over the years. I will always remember Pastor Walt and his wife. Pastor Bill and JoAnn. I pray God give them favor and supply all there needs
    2020-02-06 16:48:08
    I will live with the regret for the rest of my life!! My husband just out of jail,I suggest church on street so he can stay healthy..I would leave My place and go with him for support..November 1st how bright our future finally looked..he was so happy and so in love w me..we get there and they changed all the rules that was promised as a married couple.NO sitting together even at worship. He was out doing work the 1st week. The second week he had a cell phone, which isn't allowed until 6 months..and it seemed they did everything to keep us separated..I had a bad feeling..the female lead staff were hypercritical. Giving away ppls stuff ,going through ppls things.and when a girl was sobbing I was told to not feed into her tears.dont feel sorry for her,she's coming off drugs! . Wouldn't that Christian like thing to do is to pray for her and with her? Any kind and patient and gentle? There is none of that. They're absolutely not. They would yell at you at 4 in the morning to get up and going. Yeah, 10 minutes from the time you woke up until the time that be at the door. And that's how I fell down a flight of stairs half asleep. It hurt my knee really bad. I wasn't even offered a hand up or in a bandage or an ice pack. I had to leave the program because I could not go up three stories to where my room was everyday. And then that's when they really got busy with my husband....he turned cold within a week,saying he wants a divorce! No one there is . Giving him brotherly advice on God does not like divorce especially when there's no grounds that quite the opposite the pastor even there is condoning him divorcing me giving him back up scripture saying that God will put another Valley wife in front of him. It is a hypocritical. Cult there wolf in sheep's clothing It's a horrible place. I lost my marriage because of it and I will always regret going there. Me and my husband have been through a lot of horrible things from being homeless to a lot of bad things losing everything and we've always stuck together at this place turned him against me. It's a horrible horrible place. Don't ever go there.
    2018-10-26 18:19:12
    If you are homeless and seek shelter please think twice before going to this mission. This is a hypocriticricy it is surely a bible pushing minisry. I stayed at this mission and i am a catholic/christian person that was in need of shelter and i was handicapped due to a recent surgury and needed shelter. The church on the street mission on van buren is where you start off. This facility is very poorly managed. The staff there are extremely rude and condescending. Extremly rude. The facility is extremely rundown. The food at its best is fit for a dog. It is not ment for anyone with health issue. The ministry is extremely ment to be a bible pushing Extremist. The support staff is hypocritical and without common care and intentions are false. The facility is full of bedbugs. The staff is bossy and rude. They want u up at 6am feed with an hard boiled egg then demanded that u leave the facility until 1pm no lunch. So if u have any physical disabilities DONOT GO HERE.. They threw me to the streets without a bus pass because i was not a disciple without one care of basic human life. This is why this ministry is false and bible pushing false ministry. Good luck..

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Description: Church on the Street, a Non-Denominational Church, offers many services to residents as well as the community-at-large including, but not limited to: 15 Month Discipleship Training, Outreaches around the Valley assisting the Homeless & Disadvantaged. Church on the Street is part of the Dreamcenter.

Church On The Street is a Christian Discipleship Program (or 'Bible' Boot Camp) where a believer in Jesus Christ can spend six months in our 180 day residential program immersed in the Word of God. One can spend this time to build a stable foundation for their life. Very intense; very structured with a curriculum based in the Life of Christ. Lots of rules to incorporate discipline into one's character; this life recovery school is the stepping stone to finding the purpose for your life that the Lord has for you. We accept all donations & are in need of hygiene, finances, clothes, furniture and vehicles. We are a state approved facility for probation & parole.

Volunteers Requests by Church on the Street - COTS - Homeless Assistance: Yes! Please call 1-602-257-8918

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