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5946 E University Dr
Mesa, AZ 85205
: Phone: (480) 654-4539


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    2020-01-07 15:37:05
    Ihelp is everything I went from near death experiences to giving back to others by getting a behavioral health certificate to help others as I have been helped. I got scheduled, structured, fed huge meals and access to expensive clothing at all times as well as luxurious accessories and hygiene items. Everything free. They picked me up when I was lost and BATTLED anyone who tried to abuse me during the house-less time I was getting medications access to higher services and waiting for housing. The facilitator Nahn was always eerily aware of what I was going through and had the ability to pull me out of my chaos. These are experienced, educated,ESTEEMED individuals who care about your life. *** bless these light filled souls.
    2020-01-07 13:17:25
    The previous review is someone very immature masquerading as a behavioral health technician. A pathological liar and alleged thief found to actually known to be a criminal. This interfaith program is about womens' groups from a coalition of different faith communities helping displaced, women without a home. Within the program is volunteer program where participating women called monitors who are a voice between the women and staff. The comments about the Facilitator are malicious defamation. The goal of this successful program - is not funding - but about helping women get to where they are independently able to sustain a home.
    2019-06-27 02:42:49
    This so called faith based program is absolutely disgusting. At first this place saved my life in a desperate time of need but soon turned into misery after seeing the true colors of wretched management. Not only do the people in charge abuse their powers they take in abused women just to abuse them more and throw them on the street like dirt. This organization will make up lies about you, call the police on you for no reason, and make you feel bad for standing up for yourself even when threatened. This is a place where women go to heal from abuse and regain their voice but if you dare give this place a chance it will do the same to you as the abusers once did. Do not trust anyone affiliated with Ihelp because it truly is a disgrace. They use God as a mean to an end in which they hide behind the disguise of his faith with the smile of the devil. The facilitator favors certain individuals and gives them special treatment while bashing others who dare to stand up to her. She is manipulative and lacks proper communication skills for women who are deeply damaged. Like the above person wrote, its nothing but a place to rest your head and dream of a better tomorrow. Women are constantly being kicked out while others stay for years. All they truly care about is funding and will do nothing to receive it, without giving everyone who walks through those doors an equal chance to succeed. Their beloved CBI, a psychiatric facility is their go to place to throw you without actual consent and against mental health professional's advice. The people that run this place aren't mental health professional at all except the "Social Workers", who are just pawns of the leaders. Sadly, there is a bigger problem going on at this facility and it deserves to be shut down unless true changes take place.
    2019-02-19 17:15:36
    I want to say that the person above seems to have facts mixed up. The set rules for the IHELPs are clear. Respect others and dont put yourself above even those who serve you from their hearts. As far as I know, transportation is available after hours for especially those who work. When it is a short distance, walk. God only knows thousands of happier housed results have come from complying with rules and having a generous heart for others.
    2019-02-09 01:32:25
    From personal experience i found this organization to be nothing but a different place to lay your head every night. This program is very disorganized and gives preference and privilege to those they choose. There is no set rules and regulations set forth for consumers to follow. This organization is supposed to be a safe haven from mental and physical violence however, repeat offenders of such behavior are allowed not only to stay as they intimidate others but after they have been removed from the program due to these actions they are also allowed to return while there victim is still present in the program. This program also deters an individual from work because they choose to write them up for arriving late after work because they need to take the bus and or walk due to not being picked up although the program has a van for such reasons.
    2019-01-22 10:52:29
    Ihelp was there for me in time of emergency for shelter, prayer support, and resources when I really felt devastated. Thanks, ihelp

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Description: Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP). I-HELP provides a safe place to sleep and a hot meal for adults experiencing homelessness every night of the week. I-HELP also offers case management services to connect individuals to the vital resources needed to regain stability and break the vicious cycle of homelessness. The mobile shower unit, the “Chandler Clean Machine,” provides guests with ready access to a warm shower.
Emergency Shelter

For more information about all I-HELP services, contact or 480-963-1423 x 116.  All new guests must complete a pre-screening interview before entering I-HELP.  Please call for bed availability and to schedule pre-screening.

Volunteers Requests by Mesa I HELP: Volunteers are accepted. Volunteers provide life skills classes, assist with the gathering of resources and work with congregational volunteers at the shelter sites.

Donation Requests by Mesa I HELP: Financial donations are most helpful. However, bus passes, gift cards for fuel and discount stores also help.

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Saturday, October 31, 2020Great

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Saturday, October 31, 2020Just appreciate not being on the street. And respect others

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