Homeless Shelters Directory Resources

We have chosen some of the resources on the Internet that we believe are worthy of note. We hope they can provide you with some help or information that you may find of assistance.

HousingAssistanceOnline.com - Housing Assistance Online provides a great list of non profit housing assistance resources. There are non profit organizations out there that many do not know about. Housing Assistance Online lists them.

FreeDentalCare.us - We have found FreeDentalCare.us to be the best dental clinic resource for people with little or no money for dental care. Having a toothache can be an excruciating experience. There are lists of dentists out there that can do help the needy on either a sliding scale based on income or for free. This website is the the top resource for finding these dental clinics.

FreClinics.com - This is a medical resource that provides resources which include clinics, non profits, temporary and permanent medical clinics for the needy.

LowIncomeHousing.us - Finding low income housing is difficult. There are many area non profits and websites that say they provide these resources. We have reviewed LowIncomeHousing.us and their nationwide list of low income housing is by far the most superior resource for those looking for low income housing.

FoodPantries.org - If you are looking for food pantries throughout the US, FoodPantries.org provides an informative list. They provide great descriptions and hours for food pantries.

RentAssistance.us - We did not even know this resource existed until a reader of the HomelessShelterDirectory found it. They provide government and private resources for people that need help with rent assistance. We recommend this resource.

Tanf.us - TANF is a government resource that provides cash assistance for needy families.

TransitionalHousing.org - Provides transitional housing lists and resources. TransitionalHousing.org is the only nationwide provider of Transitional Housing resources on the Internet.

FreeTreatMentCenters.com - A directory of free and low cost treatment centers for individuals with substance abuse problems.

ChildHomeDayCare.com - Provides listings and reviews of child home day care centers.