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McDonald's $1 Menu Helping The Homeless Survive

The Homeless Shelter Directory would like to give a great thank you to the people of McDonald's for providing your one dollar menu.

In our recent survey asking the homeless how they survive on the streets with little to no money. The [read more]

Homeless Population Statistics In Florida

According to WPEC channel 12 West Palm Beach, the current Florida homeless population is 43,000.

They also reported the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast homeless population is currently 5,000.

If you know of your area h [read more]

Louis Armstrong Park Homeless

Guest article from Peter J. Hatas in response to the New Homeless Article

In 2004 I traveled to New Orleans to find work on Bourbon Street, or maybe [read more]

Tragedy Can Result When People Climb Into Waste Dumpsters

I was recently contacted by the company Waste Management with an important issue that I want to address.

Waste Management makes SAFETY a priority when handling community waste. Although some people may look at a DUMPSTER as providing o [read more]

Shelter For Homeless Men And Rescued Dogs

Stapleton House in Boston, the only shelter of it's kind, has a goal is to help out homeless men and homeless dogs. Unfortunately Stapleton House only houses 11 men and only 1 dog at a time. The goal is to get the rescued dogs to permanent homes. [read more]

Homeless Man Saves American Flag In Storm

This video brought a tear to my eyes. It is a video of a homeless man, during a driving rain storm. I recommend every American watch this. This shows me why the homeless are not to be ignored. The world needs to take a second view of what homeless pe [read more]

From Homeless To NFL Player

Mardy Gilyard did not have an easy time in his life. He was kicked out of the University of Cincinnati while he was a freshman. The reason was low academic scores. Mardy was a football player and from Florida. On top of that he had his sc [read more]

Haven For Hope San Antonio

Haven For Hope in San Antonio Texas just opened up and this could be a blue print for homeless resources that we have never seen before. It is set on a beautiful 37 acre campus and will be addressing the root causes of homelessness through [read more]

Things To Donate To The Homeless

I am always getting emails from people looking to help the homeless. I also get a lot of volunteer requests. After reading a great blog, Old Timer Speaks Out. Here is a link to his article read more]

Looking In To Homeless Statistics

Since 2006 I have been working on the Homeless Shelter Directory. During this time I have tried to find good statistics on the number of homeless in the US. In my research I have found that the National Alliance to End Homeless reported i [read more]

Prince William Spends Night On The Streets

London England - Prince William decided to spend a night on the streets to highlight the difficulty of being homeless for a British teenager. William has worked with the homeless since 2005. "I cannot, after one night, even begin to ima [read more]

Northern Florida Homeless

I found this article in the Pensacola News Journal. Homelessness is a prevalent problem in the Pensacola area. In 2009, the EscaRosa Coalition for the Homeless reported 713 homeless people in Escambia County and 237 Homeless people in San [read more]

The 'New Homeless'

The era of the old, dirty homeless man is a thing of the past. The 'New Homeless' are your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. They are the person you see at your laundry mat doing laundry while reading a library book. They are the family in t [read more]