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Welcome to our Milwaukee, WI information forum. I have added some questions for you and posted them below.

The goal is to compile as much local information as possible for those who are homeless and need food or homeless resource assistance in Milwaukee.

If you are familiar with Milwaukee and the homeless situation, please answer the questions below as fully as possible. Let's build a useful resource section that only you and those intimately familiar with Milwaukee will know.

Mike Manning, owner of

Are You Currently Homeless In Milwaukee, WI? Help Us Find Out Where To Find The Best Homeless Resources In Milwaukee, WI

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2017-12-24 20:04:26outside
2017-12-26 19:24:39With family members
2020-02-16 05:03:29It's a tent
2020-03-19 16:02:40Outside
2020-05-14 17:08:56Outside, no campsites are open for a tent even
2020-06-25 16:22:12Not in a shelter. Living outside

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2017-12-24 20:04:26st.ben
2017-12-26 19:24:39Family & left over checks
2019-09-12 13:04:34No know nothing about this city
2020-07-06 13:07:04No nothing about this city

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-27 01:15:32Im 21 i just moved here and i have no where to go
2018-07-29 20:53:20I'm 22, just got kicked out of my home and have no where to go.
2018-08-13 16:30:55homeless and jobless
2018-08-26 12:13:1548 lost job and apt
2018-10-15 19:46:48I am gainfully employed and still don't have enough money to provide me and my family with an home
2019-01-18 13:00:55Need housing
2018-12-29 22:33:23Currently 4mths Pregnant 21yrs Old Mom Put Me And My 5yr Old Out Family Won’t Help Due To Not Wanting To Deal With My Mom
2019-02-08 09:43:51My daughter and I are homeless new to the area disabled and in need of some safe lodgings where we are is not safe in too many ways .
2019-07-11 08:28:41my kids and I had to leave our town and relocate to Milwaukee with our bunny as I just got a job in the area but cannot afford proper housing by myself
2019-08-10 23:07:12I am 39 4 kids 6 5 2 1 when I had my child my checks got messed up n Cudnt pay all rent on time
2019-09-12 13:04:3466years old came here wishing to start a new life
2019-10-16 18:49:50Me and my partner lost everything and need a new start.
2019-11-01 12:03:39i was a drug addict. ive lost everything and nearly everyone. I am currently lost. I honestly dont have a clue where to go or what to do next. Im in need of desperate help. I sleep in my car most days. sometimes when im lucky a friendly person would alow me to sleep in their basement
2019-11-11 19:52:01Relocated from Minnesota due to satey concern
2019-12-01 19:36:36Homeless and jobless
2020-02-04 09:12:59I am moving to that part of the country and there's one I know there. So I will be looking for work and a place to lay my head
2020-02-16 05:03:29I'm leaving an abusive relationship and he follows me where ever I move
2020-03-19 16:02:40Me and my wife got kicked out from her family's house
2020-04-01 13:37:06i was paroled here from kansas prison to stay with family and they put me out in the cold , i have no job waiting on disability and i have nothing and no one
2020-05-14 17:08:56I’m waiting for my move in date of my new place June 1st
2020-06-11 10:33:02I am 21 and have 2 girls 5 and 2, ive been trying to live with thier dad for a little while now and i havent been able to find a place to be able to move out. Hes gotten physical and he is a very toxic person i dont feel safe around him.
2020-07-06 13:07:04Just move here with my 2 kids and don’t have anywhere to go need help with housing and a job any Assistance that can help me and my kids trying to get into a shelter

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-07-29 20:53:20Government sponsored food pantry's and shelters.
2018-08-13 16:30:55more shelter or room and board to stay and live
2019-05-13 18:18:04Places to go during the day
2019-07-11 08:28:41more government assistance programs for housing
2019-08-10 23:07:12Buy board vacant houses an use them
2019-09-12 13:04:34Help
2019-10-16 18:49:50More soup kitchens, pantries, shelter
2019-11-01 12:03:39more shelter and food pantrys.
2019-11-11 19:52:01Stable housing for my health condition
2019-12-01 19:36:36More shelter and rooms
2020-02-16 05:03:29More shelters
2020-03-19 16:02:40Room and board and keeping couples together
2020-05-14 17:08:56I need somewhere to camp & no campsites are open due to covid. I work full time & have no extra money because I’m moving into my new place on June 1st so have to save all my money to afford that.
2020-06-11 10:33:02Transition old buildings no one uses anymore into homeless shelters
2020-06-25 16:22:12More beds/shelters
2020-07-06 13:07:04More government assistance Food and housing

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