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Welcome to our Fontana, CA information forum. I have added some questions for you and posted them below.

The goal is to compile as much local information as possible for those who are homeless and need food or homeless resource assistance in Fontana.

If you are familiar with Fontana and the homeless situation, please answer the questions below as fully as possible. Let's build a useful resource section that only you and those intimately familiar with Fontana will know.

Mike Manning, owner of

Are You Currently Homeless In Fontana, CA? Help Us Find Out Where To Find The Best Homeless Resources In Fontana, CA

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-31 12:22:14Am staying with my niece but my brother wants me to leave he called me this morning to tell I didn't ask to come here she came and got me now brother Cal's me and tells me to move
2017-12-22 13:42:53Outside
2020-02-29 17:30:40I'm not currently in a shelter, but in an unconducive environment with relatives.
2020-04-13 19:56:14Im a single father with 2 children under the age of 7 and living from family member to family member houses just need my own apartment to get myself going. Asking for a blessing
2020-06-04 04:09:578ve never stayed in a shelter I have a car where I Elmore comterble to stay but since the corona virus I've been stay staying at different place
2020-08-04 09:49:52not currently in a shelter. I sometimes stay with my sister in law or girlfriend. I sometimes stay in my car.

User Answers Provided
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2017-12-22 13:42:53Fast food up to $5 a day

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-31 12:22:14Senior woman living on fixed income
2018-02-27 23:30:01I have a 3 year old daughter and currently pregnat, my boyfriend and i are trying to save up to move in together he is currently renting with a family member but my daughter and i cant be there
2018-03-19 14:43:10I am homeless and need temporary shelter.
2018-05-22 14:21:33I’m 19 living in my car. Trying to find a stable job.
2018-06-03 21:34:56Im 25 no lids just one dog i am currently working im just trying to save up to get my own place
2018-08-12 12:58:11Were a couple with a 8 yr. Old just looking for a little help to get thru these tuff times.. Currently living in peoples garages or when we have enough renting motels
2018-09-02 03:40:57I am 20 year old male who has recently been kicked out of my house. I do have a job but its still rough when your sleeping on the streets. Im ready and willing to recive the help that you guys offer.
2019-02-25 12:36:39I recently separated from the mother of my child and I left the apartment to them I am living with a family member but have to leave very soon
2019-06-09 21:15:26I got kick.out off my room that i was renting and now im homeless
2019-09-16 15:20:38I can from Alabama to help a friend and she put me out.
2019-10-14 13:34:23We're a muddled she coupled with a small pet with limited resources and couldn't afford rent any longer and need shelter
2019-12-04 15:12:55Family of 7 had to leave our house because the landlord is tearing down our house to build a wearhouse
2020-02-29 17:30:40I'm not in a shelter but staying with cousins in Yucca Valley. The environment isn't conducive emotionally, mentally, or physically. I've been searching for employment since my arrival, but nothing is opening up for me here; another reason I need to go. My goal is to come back over the hill and find better opportunities for my well-being. Also, I have an emotional support dog that's 13yrs old.
2020-04-08 14:55:30I’m homeless
2020-06-04 04:09:57Actually i rather stay in car but I came to this site hoping someone could help me with information about parking lots where cops don't haves problem get involved
2020-08-04 09:49:52i’m 28 trying to better myself and stop living the way i’m living

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-06-03 21:34:56Have more kitchens open for them,help them serch for a job
2018-08-12 12:58:11Spread the word telling them that there is help out there for there struggles
2018-09-02 03:40:57Giving them a place to atay and help them put their lives back togethee.
2019-01-13 00:32:05A team of people actively going out and offering assistance to those living on the street.
2019-07-04 05:54:01I think the rents should go down so people stop going homeless.
2019-09-16 15:20:38Let the homeless use the homeless shelters address so they can get a job
2019-10-14 13:34:23Provide a safe place to sleep
2019-12-04 15:12:55More houseing
2019-12-08 20:14:15Landlords have set their standards too high. I have NO CREDIT. , that shouldn't disqualify me as a renter.
2020-04-08 14:55:30Find me a place please to stay eat shower
2020-06-04 04:09:57A directory of all services that are provided such aa hot meals food banks and if assist with showers clothing parking spots clinic gyms beauty foot.weat counseling tranportaion support assistance and specially job opportunities
2020-08-04 09:49:52too many write

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