Desert Hot Springs, CA Homeless Information Forum

Welcome to our Desert Hot Springs, CA information forum. I have added some questions for you and posted them below.

The goal is to compile as much local information as possible for those who are homeless and need food or homeless resource assistance in Desert Hot Springs.

If you are familiar with Desert Hot Springs and the homeless situation, please answer the questions below as fully as possible. Let's build a useful resource section that only you and those intimately familiar with Desert Hot Springs will know.

Mike Manning, owner of

Are You Currently Homeless In Desert Hot Springs, CA? Help Us Find Out Where To Find The Best Homeless Resources In Desert Hot Springs, CA

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2019-12-14 13:33:30There is no shelter in or near Desert hot springs ca
2020-03-20 23:54:40There is no shelters in desert hot springs

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-03-13 11:47:42I AM LADY 70 MY SON 38
2018-05-21 13:07:17i am 24 afican ameican and i am a girl and 5'6
2019-08-08 15:30:37I'm born in California in the year 1980, I've worked construction of and on and love working with my hands.
2019-08-30 11:28:09I don't have a place to stay for now,SENIOR and disabled 68yrs old ON Social Security don't get paid until 9/03/2019 Need a bed until I get paid
2019-12-14 13:33:30My husband was reported and the owner desided after 8 yrs ofnever being late on my rent that we had to move. I adopted 2 girls that are now teens in 2009. This split out family u and we all live apart. My youngest and I lived in an apartment on 8th Street but after 6months they raised the rent. The they told us we had to move. I'm disabled and now live in my truck. I've filled out 40 applicati.
2020-03-20 23:54:40My name is Sarah cantu I have a 3 year old son and one on the way need help finding a home for me and my family
2020-06-17 16:13:58Lisa ramos im homeless i have a job but i need a place to stay my ex threw me out and now im staying in my car

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-05-21 13:07:17get beds
2019-08-08 15:30:37Loving heart helping hands and a cheerful smile I say makes a big difference.
2019-08-30 11:28:09Have shelters in PALM SPRINGS and other areas
2019-12-14 13:33:30Rent control. And funding
2020-03-20 23:54:40Cheaper cost of living
2020-06-17 16:13:58Have. Reabilitation for those who want to not be homeless any more to get back on there feet

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