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Welcome to our Chicago, IL information forum. I have added some questions for you and posted them below.

The goal is to compile as much local information as possible for those who are homeless and need food or homeless resource assistance in Chicago.

If you are familiar with Chicago and the homeless situation, please answer the questions below as fully as possible. Let's build a useful resource section that only you and those intimately familiar with Chicago will know.

Mike Manning, owner of

Are You Currently Homeless In Chicago, IL? Help Us Find Out Where To Find The Best Homeless Resources In Chicago, IL

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2017-12-27 04:56:45No I love in my car
2017-12-27 11:14:11I Stay In My Car
2017-12-27 14:54:45house too house
2018-01-19 09:22:01Franciscan House of Mary joseph. No.
2019-06-01 10:46:10Abandoned building
2019-09-07 14:15:25SRHAC- seems safe
2019-10-12 13:14:40Fransciscan. yes.
2020-01-21 06:58:49Abandoned building
2020-01-21 15:29:25can homeless get a link card
2020-01-29 10:37:22Street
2020-02-26 09:48:52A room in a family members home
2020-04-25 14:08:08Abandoned house
2020-05-19 12:41:02On the train
2020-08-07 12:41:26Abadoned house

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2017-12-21 13:55:25Wherever I can
2017-12-27 04:56:45Buying or eating exoired work food
2017-12-27 11:14:11Yes I have a link card
2017-12-27 14:54:45public aid
2018-01-04 08:33:38Dollar tree
2018-03-06 01:41:48I have a Link Card
2020-06-06 13:31:10Raheem good pantry.

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-04 08:33:38Im 27 and currently homeless
2018-01-19 09:22:01I am homeless I got my baby took from me
2018-04-24 17:35:25i'm 53 and currently homeless
2018-05-02 08:19:53I'm 20 and currently homeless
2018-05-06 16:52:32I’m 19 in school and an abusive home
2018-05-20 00:17:45I am 51 and homeless Richard leary
2018-05-30 23:47:57Am carmilita austin age 32 with two beautiful little girls and am trying my best to keep them from getting hurt but when homeless u can only do so much.
2018-06-09 11:45:07I am a 25 yr old man living on the streets i have nothing or nobody i domt know what eles to do i need help
2018-07-05 20:08:29Female 33 years old and homeless
2018-07-01 20:53:08I'm 30 and homeless and need a place to stay so I can get on my feet
2018-07-16 17:55:42Im 22 and currently homeless
2018-09-07 16:11:12I'm 28 with two kids and no family wants me to stay with them
2018-09-04 17:33:5224, new to Chicago, looking for work and housing
2018-10-17 16:13:4245 years of age, sudden homelessness due to failed relationship, estranged from family and friends, jobless penniless
2018-11-17 21:32:20I'm 35 years old with two daughters ages 7 and 9 and we are currently homeless staying house to house and we running out of places to sleep
2018-11-19 14:12:36im 27, i have a child, going house to house
2018-12-16 12:42:24im pregnant and have no where to stay
2018-12-29 19:41:30Im 21 and don't have a high school diploma,job,or anywhere to stay
2019-01-20 01:35:06Robbed of wallet photo ID gone 27 female on West Side horrible would like to be Up North had my ID for a week robbed at a shelter while asleep.
2019-02-03 18:18:48Don't have any we're to go staying house to house n
2019-02-10 08:35:27Girlfriend kicked me out
2019-03-07 21:30:27Getting away from domestic violence, establish permanent housing
2019-03-17 12:45:00I lost my car me and my fiance were recently staying in so now the car being towed we sleep in the streests
2019-04-12 20:34:37I’m looking for a job and I don’t have nowhere to stayi I’m 25
2019-04-18 20:55:4531. Homeless. Can’t afford rent. Hopefully temporary.
2019-06-01 10:46:10Just moved to Chicago in emergency
2019-07-07 10:51:2840yr old man jobless and out of detox, waiting for in patient bed
2019-08-30 07:09:15I'm 25 years old I have to children on the way I also have a felony conviction on my back ground but I'm only trying too be the best parent
2019-09-07 14:15:25I got evicted from my place and have no support
2019-09-19 08:50:45Homeless nowhere to go at present time
2019-09-24 10:30:26Im 21 and homeless, estranged from family and friends, currently sleeping in abandoned buildings,cars, and/or Hallways
2019-10-02 23:02:46I'm 57 and lost house me and wife
2019-10-12 13:14:40male. on parole. trying to stay clean. homeless on West side.
2019-12-10 19:53:44I’m 20 and currently homeless
2019-12-12 11:41:54Bad luck
2020-01-21 06:58:49Homeless nowhere to go at the present time
2020-01-29 10:37:22I am an elderly person without sufficient funds and poor credit.
2020-04-29 08:42:46I am loocking for a person: Sandra. She is homeless in Chicago
2020-05-19 12:41:02I'm 27, homeless n have no family or support
2020-06-06 13:31:10Can't afford even a motel. To live.
2020-06-20 13:14:17I'm a Marchanda Smith I'm a mom of one 9 month old baby girl
2020-08-01 20:46:15I have 3 kids & a newborn and im in need of shelter
2020-08-07 12:41:26Because i want a safeplace to live to get my life back together job and age is 40 male

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-04-24 17:35:25we need more affordable homes for the homeless
2018-05-02 08:19:53We need more job opportunities
2018-05-30 23:47:57More shelters need more room for familys
2018-06-09 11:45:07Build a bigger place because majority of us homeless domt have nowhere to sleep because they run out of beds &room so quick
2018-07-05 20:08:29Help me get a good warm bed and food
2018-07-01 20:53:08Helping them find jobs and affordable housing
2018-07-16 17:55:42We need more job opportunities
2018-09-07 16:11:12More affordable housing
2018-09-22 10:29:58Transitional shelters for young women with no kids
2018-09-04 17:33:52More employment opportunities
2018-10-17 16:13:42America is a wealthy nation... Provide housing for less fortunate
2018-11-19 14:12:36more affordable housing
2018-11-17 21:32:20more housing
2019-02-10 08:35:27All depends on that persons situation and what they need to get kicked off in the due direction they need
2019-03-07 16:23:45We need to get the homeless people outta them streets
2019-03-07 21:30:27More affordable housing for mothers with six children
2019-03-17 12:45:00More affordable housing for the homeless
2019-04-12 20:34:37We need more job opportunities
2019-04-18 20:55:45More affordable rent in safe housing. Higher wages.
2019-06-01 10:46:10Anything
2019-08-30 07:09:15More open list's for felons and more housing options for couple shelters
2019-09-07 14:15:25More shelters
2019-09-04 15:01:53affordable rooms for rent
2019-09-19 08:50:45Provide more locations
2019-09-24 10:30:26It all depends on that particular person situation
2019-10-23 00:58:21More affordable homes
2019-10-02 23:02:46More low income availability housing access
2019-10-12 13:14:40DROP IN CENTERS PLEASE
2019-12-10 19:53:44More shelters
2019-12-12 11:41:54Life coaches
2020-01-21 06:58:49More job opportunities
2020-02-26 09:48:52More beds and assistance for the homeless
2020-04-25 14:08:08Real help in not make us do yall job
2020-06-06 13:31:10They need to go to school.
2020-08-07 12:41:26Work camp transational shelter

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