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Welcome to our Bowie, MD information forum. I have added some questions for you and posted them below.

The goal is to compile as much local information as possible for those who are homeless and need food or homeless resource assistance in Bowie.

If you are familiar with Bowie and the homeless situation, please answer the questions below as fully as possible. Let's build a useful resource section that only you and those intimately familiar with Bowie will know.

Mike Manning, owner of

Are You Currently Homeless In Bowie, MD? Help Us Find Out Where To Find The Best Homeless Resources In Bowie, MD

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2020-04-08 22:14:00I am currently staying with a woman. It is not safe

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2018-03-20 09:53:54I am a 28 year old single mom of a 8 year old boy. I am currently living with my ex boyfriend at his parents house and my son and I are extremely unhappy. I am threatened every day that I will be kicked out. My son is my entire world and Ii really need to do what is best for him. We need to get away from here. My ex boyfriend is very verbally abusive. He is an alcoholic and gets very violent.
2019-01-07 20:19:55I was kicked out of a house for now reason. I moved into another house that was recenly sold by the owner, ive had friends offer places that are roach infested, then I was lied to about an avail apt that was not available and i paid a deposit for that room that i did not get back. I have children that stay with they crazy mom. I need a place for the kids to escape to with me. Can you help me, plz.
2019-03-09 17:03:33im 29 , single mom who was left jobless after having my daughter and her father suddenly abandoning us. my father recently passed and i have no family or friends. im a nanny and would love to exchange having a roof over my head for caring for and teaching children
2020-04-08 22:14:00I have been in a relationship for 4 years and made a bad decision in staying with a woman who is verbally abusive

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2019-03-09 17:03:33a shared house for moms because it takes a village. i can care for children for free while they work and also use my foodstamps to fill the fridge and cook. we help each other and support one another

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