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4065 Van Buren Blvd
Riverside, CA 92503
: (951) 732-4466
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    2017-11-14 07:45:27
    Very bad shelter, not what it promises on the website. They make you do slave labor, after they take your money and belongings. They lock you in behind a six foot fence, theres no phone inside and no windows, and a pit bull is on guard. I escaped but didnt get my stuff back..Terry threatened me and I was frightened badly by him. He needs to be locked up, he's insane. Don't go there...
    2015-10-18 16:35:36
    I have a comment I've been to this shelter in the past 12 months. I was turned away. The staff was unfriendly.I was given a place to sleep. I did not feel safe. My experience was terrible. Worst of my life. On Sept 2015 I arrived at I Care and there was no intake at all! Then right after I was dropped off Terry left me there without my medications, phone and other personal items. less than 3 hours there I was attack by a fellow resident that had some serious mental issues. And when I ask to call 911 the lady that was also a resident and in charge will Terry was gone told me that there is no phone on the property. Then, after I asked to open the over 6 foot tall gate and told no; I had to claim it to get to a phone around 9 pm 15 min. after the assault happened. Bleeding and in shock I made it a local drive throw and they called 911. I was rushed to the hospital and ex-rays showed that I had busied ribs and back; along with busies and scraped every were. My injuries are healing but the trauma that I endear during my short time at I Care will take longer to heal. I have no idea why this place is still open!!!!! As a side note After many phone calls and threats from Terry; three days later I was able to get my medication and other belonging that weren't stolen by other residents. Please close this place because I was in a bad place before I went and now trying to reprice my life physical and emotional!!!!
    2015-05-26 13:22:00
    I tried to take a woman there a couple of years ago and I did not leave her there. The conditions were horrible, trash everywhere, all the windows boarded up and no doorknobs on doors. There was a baby about six months of age left alone on a porch with no supervision, it was one of the worst sights in a first world country that I have seen. I did everything I could to report it and got nowhere. Please don't go there or send anyone you care about there, it is not a safe place.
    2014-09-22 10:16:00
    Yes.I did.it was not good and I stayed todays .at which time my phone wad taken from me I was not permited to contact anyone and asked to do version jobs .which I did.nt mind .but was ridiculed for asking questions of programs offered. And opportunity to seek employmet. The review posted of it being a hellish experience is actually right. And if in the past it was helpful it no longer is. The place is terri.s personal domain and any questions will result in being put out on the street. You are not allowed to have any form of soda. You can not talk to people outside the locked fence. There are cats and dogs that over run the compound. And there are more areas for storage of scrap material. S and just valued by terri then beds or living areas. Valeenter s are being used to clean up terri.s personal property. This is a scam.

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Description: Emergency shelter for up to 30 days. Extended program phase 1 90 days.

I Care offers a 2 week emergency shelter program and an extended 90 day emergency temporary shelter program. I Care manages each case individually. Emphasis is to STRENGTHEN the individual through support programs. On site groups and classes.  Outside referrals as needed.

    Here's a list of Programs offered on an ongoing basis:
        Department of Agriculture nutrition program; Certificate from the University of California Riverside.
        Finance; money management, savings, debt correction.
        Childhood enrichment; positive ways to prevent and handle bad situations.
        GED study and tutoring program; Sponsorship’s available for county and state fees.
        12 step recovery programs: on site and outside meeting attendance required.
        Domestic Violence: Awareness and prevention, Family communication.
        Dress for success for all ages.  Clothing, shoes and other accessories available in the on site Boutique.
        Positive correction techniques for dealing with daily stress and anger.
    We also have:
        Chaplin on call.
        Family playground and recreational area.
        Positive Christian Parenting
        Public school participating programs and attendance.
    Other Services:
        Out patient recovery program referrals.
        Resume services and job referrals.
        Applications for housing assistance.
        DMV Identification card program.
    Focus is placed on self independence through employment and financial management education, and positive lifestyle changes. Saving for permanent housing is the number one goal for all clients at I Care.

Do you have items to donate? Contact I Care Shelter Home at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

Shelter Information Last Update Date: 2018-01-10

Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

If you have pictures of the shelter, I will upload them on this page. Please email me with the name of your shelter and the pictures to: HomelessSupport@gmail.com

Do you have items to donate? Contact I Care Shelter Home at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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