Woods Mullen Shelter and Services - Boston, MA

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794 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02118
: Phone: 617-534-7100
: http://www.bphc.org/whatwedo/homelessness/homeless-services/Pages/locations.aspx
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    2020-05-17 14:10:49
    Best run shelter I ever stayed during my 2 yrs homeless. Its a great model for what to so, policies that adjust to circumstances,rules fairly fixed and well thought out policies.
    2020-04-09 15:05:23
    I've been at Woods Mullen for two years. The staff treat you like your in jail. I've had some rough times in my life and I've nrver done a drug in my life.i am suicidal and the staff think they are god. They have pushed me to try to kill myself more than once and I'm ready to take every pill i can by. It's coming again thank
    2020-02-24 12:23:53
    This is one of the best shelters in all of Boston! They have wonderful food, they've got a lot of good resources, they've got a good building and the beds are always really comfortable.
    2020-01-07 21:12:15
    This place is one of the most depressing you will ever see, like something out of a Charles Dickens novel.
    2019-07-13 21:08:56
    Hello, I want to submit a complaint about the African American supervisor that just started working, on the second floor, at the shelter. She came into the lobby area, where everyone else was speaking aloud, listening to music, etc. where no rules were posted about talking on the telephone, and she just spoke to me in a very condenscending, disrespectful, manner. She came in and said, as if I was a child, in a nasty, horrible, tone, "you are not supposed to be on the phone" I stated, "Ok maam, I am getting off. You have a good night". She said, "No you have a good night", in a nasty manner", "And if I have to tell you again, you are going to be in trouble", I said, "Maam, I am taping you because you don't have to talk to me like that", "Have a good night" She then demanded that I proceed downstairs. That lady is not my mama and she has a nasty attitude. I am surprised that you still have funding from your benefactors with staff that treat people like that. Two other women commented on her nasty demeanor and comments before the night was over. One stated that the way that spoke to her, compelled her to never want to sleep on that floor. That is ridiculous. Can we get some respect, from your staff, especially when we are doing nothing to these people? What is the rationale behind seeking up out and harassing us? I don't want to talk to them. Why should I have to talk to them, when I have done nothing to them? Do we look like we want to speak to them? Do we? We don't. We are in horrible positions and I don't want to interact with anyone like that right now. All I want to see is people who know how to treat people right now, unless they are children. Please stop your staff from running halfway across the building to harass people who are not doing anything to them, or, anyone.
    2019-05-12 17:22:29
    Sucks! Staff and guest gang up to bug you out. And no one did nothing. Then they go Jajaja. Cousin this auntie that.

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Description: Our women's shelter, known as Woods-Mullen, is located at 794 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston's South End.  The shelter serves female adults ages 18 years or older.  The shelter has 200 beds and is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Beds are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.  In the winter months, additional overflow beds are available.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Woods Mullen Shelter and Services at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021At the begining when me and my friend start staying in here they got us 3 days without taking a shower , we went to BMC hospital to complaint and when we got back to the shelter one of the staff Wich is a women start telling at us because we complaint come on we we're 3 days without taking a shower what kind of human do things like this , that's cruel and not fair they should treat people better .
Friday, October 30, 2020Great

Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Woods Mullen Shelter and Services at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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