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    2019-03-07 21:04:02
    my daughter was placed in a unit for homeless, unfortunately totally out of her realm, she was driven there by friendship shelter in Laguna where she grew up. this is a Mexican area, where they do not accept her, we have begged for almost 2 years to get her out and a promised temporary situation. Mexicans do not speak to her and she has attempted suicide from the isolation (no car). she was placed there with nothing, no sheets, no cup , broken facet ,not a dish, broken down bed and filthy. she has cleaned it up but is in a poor mental state, why can we not trade her unit for something where she grew up in so. one listens. I fear for her death. Someone please help. prisoners go into isolation, she was on her way out of public assistance, why is this being done to human beings..please someone help. She has someone from Mercy that comes and see's her but nothing but broken promises and pain...get her out of there!

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Description: All Mercy House programs are drug and alcohol free, and residents must be employed, employable, or going to school.  Transitional housing is available for 6-24 months. 

At Regina House, families are housed together.  Shelter provided for 7 mothers and their children.  Various life skills classes are offered as well as case management. 
There is an in-person interview for prospective clients.

Mercy House provides housing and comprehensive supportive services for a variety of homeless populations which includes families, adult men and women, mothers and their children, persons living with HIV/AIDS, individuals overcoming substance addictions, and some who are physically and mentally disabled.

We strive to assist our residents in the areas of economic, emotional, and spiritual well-being in order to enhance self-esteem and a sense of personal pride. We value accountability, integrity, and self-sufficiency. The dignity of the individual person and the corresponding respect that follows is the guiding principle of our service to the homeless person.

In order to deal with the complexities of homelessness, Mercy House operates an in house continuum of care where services are available to help individuals and families at any stage of homelessness.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Mercy House at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020Yes and I seen a big seen between some resident they have mental health issues the one they kicked out needed to be 5150 the employees have no experience working with mental health, after is happen the employees were laughing I think it's time for all employees need to go back to school and learn how they should deal with theses issues one day there will be a killing. I just don't get it . I was a

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Date AddedUser Response
Thursday, September 24, 2020Well most of the time but one day it won't be

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Mercy House at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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