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1717 Jefferson St
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
: 618-244-4088
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    2018-10-21 17:11:08
    The staff at this facility were very courteous and considerate. There are very many rules and I can appreciate that. I was given those rules and failed to remember that I couldn't open my window. The owner instructed the security guard to evict me the very moment that he found out that my window was open. After consideration, I was evicted by 9 a.m. the next morning whether I had a place to go or not. I realize there has to be rules because there are people that are homeless because they don't want to respect and abide by them. I'm a very respectable Citizen, and was out of my element rightly so. But I don't agree with a Christian establishment booting somebody out not considering whether or not they have any place to go. I was homeless when I got there and then booted out and thank God I was able to regain with the help of my friends, a position in my industry and I'm now in a good place. I believe there should be a law and and more considerate base of rules to keep homeless from being kicked out or evicted and rendered homeless once again without sufficient help. I have a heart for homeless people in there shouldn't be any one on the streets in my beliefs, Without Shelter clothing and food. Christians are to ask what Jesus would do, and then simply do it. We're all human and we make mistakes oh, and I've made so many myself I am not no one's judge. I have written this young lady, it was nice enough to allow me to stay at this establishment. And I forgive her, for not only kicking me out, but also kicking my girlfriend out because of a cutoff date which was established when we first got there. My prayer is for this young lady to look into her heart and open up and to be more considerate and passionate to these human beings and not to choose whom she likes and who she dislikes, but to either conduct a Christian atmosphere or not. And one more thing, this is to Granny and Jeremy, Andrew and Mary and all of those who go out of their way to donate food and also come and serve it 2 the people who are lodged in this facility. Granny, a resident there, was an incredible human being and one to be respected and also considered a true Christian. I love her and pray that she has a very comfortable life and I'm looking forward to seeing her in glory.

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Description: Mission Statement: To Be a Christian Ministry of Shelter Resources & Support for the homeless.
Our Vision: We shall offer a home to the homeless providing temporary refuge from life's storms, be it shelter from the elements, basic necessities, safety, tools of self rescue, and to share the love of christ to those in need.

People interested in joining the Lifeboat Alliance Family must be pre screened at any local church or agency. After passing the background check, the individual comes to Lifeboat and is administered a drug screening.

The intake consists of a very detailed application process gathering history of employment, medical, family, and housing information. Together, with a caseworker, the guest sets goals in order to help them succeed in transitioning out of Lifeboat.

Volunteers Requests by Lifeboat Alliance - Family Shelter: We do except volunteers and they first have to schedule an appointment with Jenny O'Daniel at Lifeboat Alliance and then fill out a volunteer application. Then can what hours you are able to work that best fits your schedule.

Donation Requests by Lifeboat Alliance - Family Shelter: all-surface room cleaner ( Mr. Clean, etc) regular hair brushes (not round) denture cleaner emery boards facial wipes hair spray oral cleaners windex and refiller women's shaving cream

Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

If you have pictures of the shelter, I will upload them on this page. Please email me with the name of your shelter and the pictures to:

Do you have items to donate? Contact Lifeboat Alliance - Family Shelter at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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