The Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter - Augusta, GA

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1384 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901
: Phone: 706-364-7921


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    2019-11-13 19:48:59
    I have to agree with not only everything said already but the fact that I even recorded such an event an was ostracized by the Salvation Army an Kroc Center organization itself for recording the inhumane treatment of people during a sever tornado warning with severe rain an wind while standing in line outside during all this while being told by a Richmond County deputy that for what I did, that was the reason I was not going to be able to stay there that night. Mind you all that we just received an Amber Alert on everyone's phones today were outside prior to this event stating to seek shelter now. It didn't say sell shelter soon, it said Now. The Storm was right above us an blowing wing, an pouring rain an soaking everyone's feet as well as their belongings while being told that we were not permitted to enter the building to stand by the wall inside to get out of extreme danger until they were able to check us all in adequately. The Shelter's homeless director is Named Mrs Jackson. She is a tyrant. Ask anyone there at any given time an any one will tell you that she does not care an will call the police on you for any little thing if given the opportunity. A director in her position should not run a business with an iron fist. But learn to advocate for the very people she's supposed to look after instead of belittle them an make them feel uncomfortable, unwanted, unappreciated, an overall Unacceptable. The major is a white male in a predominantly African American Community, City an state. I feel like he put me out till the first of the year of 2020 to save face in front of his management an employee. Whether or someone wants to admit to it or not, the animosity of white homeless males & females from the staff there is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It's sickening to see others of the same ethnic background treated better than ones that are not. Did I mention I still have this 44 second video saved an yet nothing has been done about it. I feel like the City of Augusta is taking a back seat an blind eye an closed mouth to what really is going on with your loved ones out there struggling in that shelter. It's appalling to say the least. My question to the city would've been why did y'all feel the need to spend 22 million dollars on an area that is used for nothing more than an exercise, an religious facility? Doesn't the South have enough churches for God's sakes? If it had anything to do with the Kroc Family wanting to see their facility used for the greater good or for the benefit of the homeless folks by providing somewhere to go an not to be seen as a "Vagrant" then they have failed here in Augusta Georgia. The whole entire organizations management aught to be fired for negligence, inhumane treatment of homeless people, an total disregard for the quality of a human life.
    2018-09-18 12:53:17
    The clients are treated poorly since the intake at the Salvation Army Center of Hope in Augusta, Georgia is at 4pm, but the majority of the time the clients wait in line for up to 2 hours and its especially a health and safety hazard for the Senior Citizens and children waiting in line in this 100+ degree heat! In the Statement of Clients Rights and Responsibilities it does state: "the right to receive services that protect your health and safety" and the Salvation Army Center of Hope in Augusta, Georgia does not practice these rights for their clients and there are too many witnesses that see this happen day after day over and over again but some are too scared to say anything in fear of not having a bed and shelter from 4pm to 8am but I will be their advocate and say what needs to be said even if it means jeopardizing my stay there every day and something needs to be done about this issue before somebody get seriously hurt waiting in the dangerous heat everyday. Now the clients in the 3,6,9 program ALWAYS get in at 3pm and they are no better than we are just because they are in that program and its very unfair and not right and we are all human beings. I believe that there is a lot of favoritism associated in trying to get in the 3,6,9 program and ALL OF US have a lot going on too with our lives and that is why we want to seek help and the reason we are at the Salvation Army and WE ALL deserve help! I was told that I had to have a job first and not only a job I was told I also had to have proof of 2 months of paycheck stubs to even be considered in the 3,6,9 program! Also I was insulted and humiliated when I was told that I have been coming consistently to the women's shelter for 2 months and insulted for not finding a job yet well sometimes it takes clients longer to find a job and also a place to live and know they let some clients in 3,6,9 without a job or no income then why was I treated like 2nd class citizen?

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Description: For individuals and families with documented need for housing. Providing crisis intervention and case management. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Soup Line A hot evening meal is available 365 days a year to anyone in the community who needs dinner. Dinner is served at the Center of Hope from 5:30pm to 5:50pm Monday- Saturday, and from 4:00pm to 4:20pm on Sundays. Available at our Center of Hope.

Shelters Our shelters offer spiritual and physical care, food, and shelter to people in need. They attend the total needs of the individual and are meant to be a kind resting place to help these individuals get back on their feet.

Women and Children's Emergency Shelter Single women and mothers with children can receive temporary shelter, three healthy meals per day, tutoring, and individual case management. Call the Homeless Social Services office at 706.364.7921 for availability and more information.

Men's Emergency Shelter Homeless men receive a safe place to sleep, a shower, and breakfast each morning. Shelter check-in is from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. You must show identification and have shelter clearance from the sheriff's department. Individual case management and group classes are offered in order to help men move to permanent housing. Call the Men's Residential Manager at 706.434.3193 for more information.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation This free, 9-month, residential program is for adult males struggling with addiction. This program includes recovery classes, individualized support, work therapy, and spiritual guidance. Interested candidates must submit a pre-enrollment application to be considered for enrollment. The application can be faxed to 706.826.1801. For more information call the CSRC Manager at 706.434.3194.

Social Service Assistance
Social Service Assistance
The First Stop Family Service Center is The Salvation Army of Greater Augusta's Social Services office for people who are housed or have an address. To request an appointment, or to get more information, call 706-922-8330 between 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Rent and Utility Assistance
Available through the Project SHARE program for residents of Richmond, Burke, Columbia, and Glascock Counties. The bill must be past due and the household must be facing a specific challenge or crisis that makes them unable to pay the bill. Natural gas assistance is offered through a special program that has additional income qualifications. For more information about application requirements or to see when the next screening date will be, contact the First Stop Family Service Center at 706-922-8330.
Emergency Grocery Assistance
Available for people who do not receive food stamps. Applicants should provide picture ID, social security card, proof of income and expenses, and a description of their food need. Applicants must wait at least 90 days after their last visit and will be referred by staff to food pantries in their neighborhood for additional food assistance.
Clothing Vouchers
Available to The Salvation Army Family Stores for people who need clothing. Applicants should provide picture ID, social security card, proof of income and expenses, and a description of their food need. Applicants must wait at least 90 days after their last visit.
Christmas Gift and Toy Assistance
Available to families with children up to 12 years old. We participate in the Augusta Christmas Clearinghouse to insure families receive help from only one agency. Christmas open application dates vary each year, but will be released after September 1. Call 706.922.8330.  Applications require photo ID for all adults in the household, birth certificates for all children in the household, social security cards for all household members, proof of income (including food stamps) and expenses, proof of current address, and proof of child custody.  Senior citizens and disabled individuals should call 706.922.8330 after September 1 to ask about Christmas food boxes.
Furniture Assistance
Available only to fire or disaster victims with a referral from the Red Cross and other required documentation.  Please contact the First Stop Center at 706.922.8330 for information and to schedule an appointment for this service.
Other assistance is available periodically, depending on the season and supplies available. Items available in the past have included fans, school supplies, children's books, toiletries or diapers, and children's pajamas.

Volunteers Requests by The Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter: Volunteers Requests by Salvation Army Shelter: To serve evening meals contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 706-434-3185

Donation Requests by The Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter: Donation Requests by Salvation Army Shelter: Food, infant care items, personal care items and clothing.

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