Franklin Women's Intake Shelter Bronx NY - Bronx, NY

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1122 Franklin Avenue (near East 166th Street)
Bronx, NY 10460
: Phone: 718-842-9797
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    2020-03-17 19:00:56
    not very good hosting stayed for one week and was very poor with meals clients misbehave giving out air in the whole room
    2020-01-15 13:27:50
    So far, I’ve been a resident of Franklin shelter for 2 days. I had the flu and was seriously ill when I first came here. I’m so grateful they allow us women to stay here throughout the day. I’ve been able to nurse my self back to health. They serve 3 square meals a day and have unlimited ice cold water available at certain posts. I am now well enough to go on my way.
    2020-01-08 23:14:03
    This is my 4th attempt tonight to controvert the bogus accolades of Franklin Womens Shelter--a den of iniquity, a place of horror, no place for the very young adult, nor our seniors, and everybody in between. I myself, Ivy-league educated with, with one class to go, my Masters degree, was a resident of this rathole--basically kept clean, but horribly mismanaged by 100 percent racist African-American non-educated, gold-toothed, fake-hair wearin', foul-mouthed, dirty wearin'-"uniformed"-racist-thief slobs with nothing else to do but check their fake fingernails at 'check-in" and hope for the poor(e) black dupe who expects a clean, bedbug-free bed, a shower, towel, shampoo, safety, and breakfast in the morning when not stolen by staff. Rape is lucky to escape, given God's good grace., Of course, since most of these shelters were and are armories. Google figure it out. Latinos and African-a. My ericans, throughout the city of new York do not get along, but thanks to duhblasio and his bisexual wife, yes they do! Yes we can! Franklin's staff is well-known to this high crr rated area and so too to the nearest hospital: Bronx Lebanon--right down from Franklin klin which sits atop Morrisania like a fortress. The are is so deprived and depraved, even an entire lofty church--almost a cathedral was torn down--much to my horror. Not that anybody at Franklin cared or worse, knew anything about their immediate environment. Awful place. Horribly mismanaged and if anybody thinks that black folks help black folks in homeless shelter all at public expense, Think Again!
    2019-06-27 14:05:36
    The Franklin Family is a beloved one. Although it's an armory, they decorated the building with notes of love and encouragement. They use everything from workshops and art therapy to tough love and joking around to keep you motivated and positive. They invite the best churches that will either pick you up or have a fun, full service where they raffle off free clothes and give out very cute toiletry kits. The Franklin Family makes you feel loved. They go out of their way to make a little time for you, even if they are just maintenance and security. The case managers work hard on what you need. Even medical is cool. If you have to choose an intake that is door to exit outstanding, I would give Franklin a chance.
    2019-04-20 19:14:37
    In 2011, I found myself at the mercy of the streets in a city I had never been to, alone. I was under the impression that I would be staying with family and I traveled all the way from Tennessee, just to find myself turned away. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to go back home and face all the people who told me "I told you so." The women at the shelter were as nice as possible about turning me away because I was NOT a NY native. I packed my things back up after 3days and went to my family's house in Cleveland, OH where I started a new life for myself. I'm forever grateful about the experience. I really appreciate the center for the hospitality is showed for those three days.
    2018-09-06 17:39:14
    The food service great the food itself wonderful you get a well balanced meal. Now down to business. I have a home nor do I work for under cover. The girl who suppose to give me a job was very obnoxious told me I don't have a pocketbook nor a phone how should she take me seriously for a job. Now suppose there was a growing 👩 woman that needed these services, there is email and you all do have computers. They are willing to work they need their break. Also some still on street say you can eat, we provide beds and work 🛌. Thank you.

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Description: To get to this shelter take Subway 2 to 149th St., then #55 bus to 166th St. and 3rd Ave.

This is a NYC Department of Homeless Services intake shelter for women only. Open 24 hours a day.

HS operates the most comprehensive shelter services system for single adults in the world - with programs to assist individuals in addressing and overcoming their homelessness to securing and sustaining permanent housing. To enter a shelter, single homeless men or women who are 18 and older first must go to an intake facility.

Dial 311 for questions about this intake shelter.

Homeless individuals who have been in shelter in the last 12 months should return to the same shelter.
What do single adults need to bring to the intake center in order to apply for temporary housing assistance?

The following forms of ID are very helpful during the intake process (but are not required):
    1. Any form of ID with a picture and proof of age, such as a driver's license, state-issued ID, passport or visa, welfare card or green card
    2. Social Security card
    3. Medicaid card, if available
    4.  If working, your most recent pay stub

What if I don't speak English?
Interpreter assistance will be made available for individuals who do not speak English.

Home Support Unit # 929-221-0047

Do you have items to donate? Contact Franklin Women's Intake Shelter Bronx NY at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Date AddedUser Response
Wednesday, January 6, 2021No safe, lack of food, noisy environment, people breaking the rules

User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
Saturday, February 6, 2021No the officers do not have the adequate training or the capacity to deal with homeless with trauma

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Franklin Women's Intake Shelter Bronx NY at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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