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Indio, CA 92201
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    2021-01-08 13:29:54
    When I called, I was told I was going to get a room in one week from the day I called. The lady said it was because there were people moving out of one room. Gratefully, I was astounded. Then when I called to follow up the next week, there was a rude girl in residential who told me, "who told you that? Nobody here says that they told you that. Do you know who you spoke with?"I couldn't remember her name. After that experience, I tried to believe that some of the residential wouldn't be rude like that. I was right. There are some staff here who do care about their jobs. The ones who don't mad dog you, try to get you in trouble, change the rules on you, lie straight to your face, start drama behind managers backs and judge you/put you down if you don't have jobs. The family section men's bathroom has a very terrible maintenance issue in one of the toilets, causing urine or feces to leak underneath the toilet near the drain. The smell is strong & it's disgusting. When I made reports to the mgr, she spoke with me but didn't understand any of my reports. When I discussed the issues at hand, hardly any of them were resolved. The staff are very rude & the handful that are nice risk losing their jobs for being nice to the homeless. They need new directors, ceo and managers because the staff follow them.
    2019-07-14 01:53:22
    This place is a joke,they claim to help you ,that's funny,their help is to call CPS on you for every and any reason,look at them cross eyed they call, fart side ways they call,I know so many people are having to deal with CPS right now, I know so many people have had their children ripped away for stupid things,then the staff their lie and say they had nothing to do with it,but they are the ones who do call on you. All these people need to get together and file a class action suit against Martha's village and kitchen.they are nothing but a bunch of lying snitching family ruining people, They are suppose to be Christian based,yeah that's real Christian like,and their good buddies CPS they are a bunch of liars to,so if you have children I suggest you go some where else cause you will loose your children if you go to Martha's village and kitchen, Well I'm going to see what I can do to help them.

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Description: Our 120 bed Emergency Residential Facility provides housing for homeless adults and children. For over 25 years Martha’s has been committed to keeping families together. The Emergency Housing staff assists clients with information, support, and referrals to resources helping them return to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.
Emergency Housing Provides…

    32 rooms, 23 for families, five rooms for single men; four rooms for single women
    The Residential Facility offers 120 beds: 95 beds for homeless families with children; 25 beds for homeless single adult men and women
    Personalized intake and assessments for each adult resident
    Staff available 24 hours a day to support the residents in meeting program requirements and case plan objectives
    Provision of linens, blankets, hygiene, infant supplies and laundry services
    Housing provides a safe and sober living environment
    Three nutritional meals and snacks are provided daily
    Client advocacy and support
    Transportation assistance
    Also included are living skills training, connection with resources, employment and education services

Food Services

Martha’s provides approximately a quarter of a million meals each year to more than 6,000 impoverished children and adults in the community.  The meals are based on FDA-published guidelines.  We also provide traditional meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holiday meals are provided in a festive community atmosphere to Village residents and community neighbors.

Emergency Assistance
We provide nutritional emergency food, essential baby supplies and clothing vouchers to our neighbors in need.  We distribute over 30,000 emergency assistance meals/units of service in accordance with USDA and FDA published guidelines.  It is our goal to help with food security and reduce hunger in the Coachella Valley.  There is no single face of food insecurity, hunger, and the need for help.  The working poor, the elderly on fixed incomes, college students, the impoverished, the disabled, children, families and individuals benefit from this program.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Martha's Village & Kitchen at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Friday, January 8, 2021It has been decent, but the staff need to be trained to treat the homeless like people not animals.

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Friday, January 8, 2021No

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Martha's Village & Kitchen at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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