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Redding, CA 96001
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    2019-11-02 19:45:52
    This place is taking advantage of the mentally ill. My fiancé whom I've been caring for several years is mentally ill. He was in between medication changes and his new medication was not working well. We were going to address these things with his Dr. but he was entering a mental breakdown already, not being on the correct meds. He didn't show to his appointment with his Dr on a Monday. The very next day, Tues of that week he rode his bike to the mission while I was out of the house and enrolled himself into their drug and alcohol program. He does not drink nor do drugs or drink whatsoever, this is not his issue. He is mentally ill and needs psychiatric help and meds for psychosis. They had him sign an 18 month contract with them. Giving up all his rights to talk to family, friends, leave the premises and take his very needed psychiatric medication. I have done everything to relay to these people in particular the Program Director for the men, was rude, did not care that I was telling him my fiancé is mentally ill, in a manic state, and lying about having addiction issues. He does not understand that part of his sickness is lying, manipulating, and self destructive behavior. They will not allow our family access to him. I've contacted his disability advocate who's helping him with his disability case for his mental health, I've contacted social services that told me to have a wellness check, I've left voicemails for 2 other directors of the program, and the Director of Operations with no response. I've contacted his pcp, his psychiatrist, anybody who can help me get him out of there and back home to his family, and getting him the treatment he actually needs. Without power of attorney or an advanced directive they’re making it impossible for me to bring him back home. They are stating that mentally ill people can sign themselves up and choose to not leave as their rules state. The problem with that is that’s taking advantage of the mentally ill, further it’s a drug and alcohol program. My fiancé isn’t a drug user nor a drinker. He doesn’t use nor abuse either. The New Life Recovery Program does not care that his family, me his primary care giver is telling them he's been registered under false pretenses. He has zero addiction issues, he has mental health issues. They are claiming they will get him the mental health help he needs, but I've also spoken to his clinic where he receives his mental health help, and they made very clear that the program he's in do not allow medication. They want the "users" to be drug free. I’m going to repeat this a million times he’s not an addict! He is not a user of any kind! They have a drug program and a Christian program for their clients. People can believe in whatever they choose but prayer nor Jesus is going to cure him of his mental health issues. Medication is the only thing that stabilizes him from fits of anger to suicide attempts. No one will listen to me. No one will listen to his family who knows him, whom loves him, cares about and wants him home. He is not and was not in the correct state of mind to admit himself to a place that's not going to even address his real issues. I was informed by the clinic where he receives mental health help that he is not the only mentally ill person that is in the same position in this program, and are not being treated for their mental health issues. Apparently this is their treatment and policy. Conversion therapy of sorts. Taking a mentally ill man for his word with expired identification, no social security, no birth certificate, to even provide proof of who he is and admit him on his word is ludicrous, especially when his family is clearly stating that the entire thing is fraudulent enrolling someone under drug and alcohol addiction when that is not their issue. People are donating to this place and they are abusing their power. They are taking advantage of the mentally ill , blocking this family from bringing their family member back home and getting him the help he needs. Do not trust these people, and do not donate to their cause. It's a sham! Praying I can get my fiancé out and home. Taking advantage of the mentally ill should be against the law, much like elder abuse. Lastly these people are not doctors able to diagnose mental health issues, and should not be messing with people’s medication. The medication my fiancé was taking cannot just be stopped, it must be wained off. He could be put into further psychosis. They are messing with people’s life like they are God.

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Description: The Good News Rescue Mission is Shasta County's only homeless shelter and the only AGRM shelter in the Sacramento Valley north of Oroville and south of Medford/Klamath Falls. We serve an immensely rural geographic area and a huge population of people in need. Our shelter provides guests with up to 30 days emergency shelter and extended stays where necessary or in situations where steps to self improvement are undertaken such as job search or money savings programs. Including all facilities, in recent years we have averaged nearly 200 guests per night. Your gifts allow us to truly offer a hand up to people in desperate need.

Emergency Shelter
We offer shelter to anybody in need, and accept people 24- hours a day, 7-days a week.  Our guests have access to sleeping and bathing facilities for both men and women, and accommodations are provided to their children accordingly.  Also available to our guests are pajamas, bedding and toiletries to those who are utilizing our emergency shelter, as well as fresh daily clothing for those in need.

Long Term Shelter
Once here, our guests do an intake interview where their needs are assessed and a plan is established to obtain long term housing. If an individual does not have a source of income, we develop a plan together to get them stable income. This is usually where they have the option of our Work Search Program, but can also mean a referral to the Veterans Resource Center, the Social Security Office, Employment Development Department, or Cal-Works if they have children. Once an income is acquired that is able to sustain them once they leave here, our guests have the opportunity to be a part of our money savings program. They are able to save money for a few months while receiving shelter at the Mission to build up their savings for a security deposit and necessary housing expenses.
The Mission also provides long term shelter for men and women who are enrolled in our long term recovery program. Our students live on site for 13 months during the first four phases of their individualized program.

Transitional Housing
We have many agencies that we refer our guests to, including multiple transitional housing facilities to meet various needs. There are sober-living facilities, board and care facilities, mental-health specialty facilities, and gender specific housing available.
In addition, the Mission offers transitional housing for our students who are enrolled in the long term recovery program. Housing is available for the students during their fifth and final phase for up to 5 months and is located off site.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Good News Rescue Mission at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

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Do you have items to donate? Contact Good News Rescue Mission at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

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