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Homeless Information and Help
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- Jackson Mississippi helped katrina vitcims by putting the people that lived there on hold to get hud homes and assistance. the got great service up front the front of the line ahead of mississippi. But now they want help the homless that are local and that need assistance to stay places. Charity starts at home. The hud list is closed for mississippi homless...ect until august some time then, you have to wait a year possible for that.But as soon as another state has a problem to run to there recuse put your own state on hold. And now the people that you help in the other state have not lift a hand to help the states that took care of there people but are way better off in living, jobs..ect. Is that fair that mississippi is delayed for helping other states now they are suffering for it and the other state that helped has a brand new state . Don't get me wrong I do sympathise with the katrina vitims but mississippi should not put there people on hold months for housing..ect Thank you