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Bartons Crossing Emergency (BCAC)
Pittsfield, MA

Pittsfield, MA 01201
Provider Phone Number: 413 442 1445

Description: Emergency* beds available for 60 days, transitional* beds available for up to 2 year. Services: Case Management at the Shelter includes budget counseling, organizing referrals to legal resources, job search and placement agencies, housing search and tenant advocacy, medical and mental health agencies. Restrictions: Alcohol and drugs strictly forbidden. Referral: Self; detox referral agencies.

Do you have items to donate? Contact Bartons Crossing Emergency (BCAC) at the phone number provided above to see if they can use any items you may have to donate.

Shelter Information Last Update Date: 2014-08-13 11:09:11
Important: Many of these shelters now have waiting lists. Please call before going to them. Many waiting lists are very long. Shelters and service also go out of business. Always call ahead to confirm that this location is still active. If you find that this location is no longer operating, please send us a comment using the form below.

Shelter Pictures: If you have pictures of the shelter, I will upload them on this page. Please email me with the name of your shelter and the pictures to: HomelessSupport@gmail.com

Current Comments on Bartons Crossing Emergency (BCAC):

Comment 1. - User states - does not accept families and have to have approval of some type of agency this is not help this is a farce as far as i'm concerned your supose to help people not turn them away

If you are looking to volunteer for the holidays, please contact Bartons Crossing Emergency (BCAC) at the phone number provided.